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Pecan in shell

Pecan kernel


Great for all your baking and cake decorating needs. We have a wide selection of bulk and packaged health foods. Here, we offer you Pecans in shell and kernel.

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Pecans are a type of nut produced by the Hickory tree and are native to the south-central region of the United States and Mexico. It is the state tree of Texas and Native Americans are found to have used it for its medicinal value. Though it used to grow wildly, in the recent years, it has been included in the list of the major fruits that are domesticated. Apart from America, it is now cultivated in some countries of Africa, Asia and also in Australia. It is best known to be used in pecan pie, a classic American dish baked during Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Base on the forms of kernels (halves or pieces), pecans have two different standards to calculate specific sizes.


Pecan nuts are prized for their rich amount of healthy monounsaturated fats, 70% of a single nut comprises of these fats. This percentage is highest amongst all the nuts, which gives you a lot of benefits.

1 ounce of Pecans provide our body with

  • 12g Monounsaturated fat

  • 3g Dietary fiber (11% DV)

  • 0.2mg Thiamin (Vitamin B1) (12% DV)

  • 1.3mg Manganese (64% DV)

Lower cholesterol

Eating pecans on a regular basis helps balance the cholesterol levels, which is one of the causes of several cardiovascular disorders. Pecans, with their high monounsaturated fat, may be prescribed as a part of the diet for everyone who wants to lower their cholesterol levels.

Weight loss

Pecans boost metabolism and enhance satiety, therefore they are beneficial in managing weight. Although they are rich in fats, they also contain protein and dietary fiber which may make one feel full for longer duration and thus help in lowering intake of other high-calorie foods.

Improve brain function

The nutrients like manganese, copper, and thiamine (Vitamin B1), in pecans, are connected to a healthy functioning of the brain. They prevent the damage caused by free radicals in the brain and keeps Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases at bay.

Reduce risk of cancer

Pecans help in reducing the risk of cancer. They are rich in phenolic compounds, oleic and ellagic acids, tannins, which are associated with prevention of various cancers, particularly breast cancer.

Refrigerated storage of pecans is critical to prevent the development of rancidity and/or infestation of insects. The ideal storage conditions are below 2°C and 70% relative humidity. Long term storage should be near -15°C in order to maximize freshness and shelf life. Typical storage life of pecans:

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