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Great for all your baking and cake decorating needs. We have a wide selection of bulk and packaged health foods. Here, we offer you whole kernel cashew nuts.

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Cashews are truly an international nut, they are grown widely in both northern and southern
hemisphere. Cashew trees are supremely adapted to hot lowland areas with a pronounced dry season, that’s why Nigeria, India and Vietnam are top producing countries of cashew nuts.


The cashew kernels are obtained by cleaning, shelling, drying, peeling, grading, and packing the raw nuts. Through out this process, cashew nuts are sorted into many grades depending on shape, size and color.


White, pale ivory or light ash in color.



have a slight brown color due to longer roasting, they have all the other characteristics of white kernels and have the same nutritional values.



Whole kernels of cashews are classified based on the number of kernels per pound.


180 - The largest size, also known as “The King of cashew”

210 - Commonly known as the name “Jumbo”

240 - The third largest size

320 - The most popular size and highest in terms of availability

450 - The smallest and lease expensive


Including butts, splits and pieces, which are priced lower than wholes, are ideal for cooking, and great as ingredients for delicacies and savory snacks.


Kernels with two half splits in vertical way

CR 019 copy.jpg


Kernels with two half splits in horizontal way.



Broken pieces of kernels



Cashews are very nutritious and are a powerhouse of proteins and essential mineral


1 ounce of cashews provide our body with

  • 81.8g Magnesium (20% DV)

  • 166mg Phosphorous (17% DV)

  • 0.6mg Copper (36% DV)

  • 2.2g Monounsaturated fat

  • 6.7g Polyunsaturated fat

Prevent Heart Diseases

Cashews are a good source of healthy dietary fats, which are essential for our body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and vitamin K and produce fatty acids that are vital for the development of the brain and blood clotting. These healthy fats include monounsaturated fats (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fats (PUFA). They are good for the heart and help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) if consumed in appropriate amounts, even in diabetics.

Healthy Muscles & Nerves

Cashews are a good source of magnesium, which helps maintain blood pressure, boost the immune system, maintain the nerve function, and keep the bones strong. It also is involved in metabolic functions, influences the insulin activity and regulates the blood sugar levels of the body.

Promote Formation of red blood cell

Cashews are rich in copper, which helps in the metabolism of iron, aids in the formation of red blood cells (RBC), and helps in keeping the bones and immune system healthy. It is also vital for the nervous and skeletal system of the body.

Boost Bone & Oral Health
Cashews provide phosphorus, which is essential for the healthy development of teeth and bones. Phosphorus also aids in protein synthesis, absorption of carbohydrates and fats, and the maintenance of cellular health.

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